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Docker 1.13 Swarm Mode with Raspberry Pi: Setting up a Cluster


Docker 1.13 has been released recently. It includes a lot of improvements and new features. There is a new compose file format which allows deployment on swarm with a YAML file and making rolling updates with the same file, Docker Secret which is intended to store valuable data, service logs (experimental), metric output (in Prometheus style) and so on.

This post will include installation of latest stable version of Docker on Raspbian Jessie which is 1.13 at the time this post is written, setting up a Docker Swarm with 3 Raspberry Pi and Portainer which is an alternative control option to command line interface and has a web gui. Continue reading Docker 1.13 Swarm Mode with Raspberry Pi: Setting up a Cluster

[HowTo] Install Kivy and Buildozer on Fedora 22 and Making APK

In a previous post, installing Kivy on Ubuntu 15.04 was issued. Today, there is a main development which is using SDL2 instead of Pygame. You can find why this is significant on Google.

I cannot find Kivy and Buildozer installion document for Fedora 22 and decided to write a recipe for it. So, lets get started. You will find 8 main sections for this topic:

  1. Installing Dependencies
  2. Creating Virtual Environment
  3. Installing Some Required Python Modules
  4. Installing Kivy
  5. Testing Kivy
  6. Installing Dependencies Required to Packaging for Android
  7. Configuring Buildozer
  8. Making APK File

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[HowTo] [Python/Kivy] Building APK With Buildozer

In the previous post, how to install Kivy and Buildozer on Ubuntu is examined. In this post, you will find stages making APK files on Ubuntu with Python and Kivy using Buildozer. If you have followed the previous tutorial, you have already installed Buildozer on your virtual environment; however, it is not ready to making APK files for now. To test this statement, create a folder with a very basic file(example from mainpage): Continue reading [HowTo] [Python/Kivy] Building APK With Buildozer

Raspberry Pi 2’ye Kivy Kurulumu

Kivy Framework sayesinde, 2 veya 3 boyutlu uygulama ve oyunların Python ve Kivy dillerinde programlanması ve platform bağımsız olarak çalıştırılabilmeleri mümkün olmakta. Bu yazıda Raspbian kullanıcıları için, Raspberry Pi için desteği sonradan gelen Kivy Framework’ün nasıl kurulacağını bulabilirsiniz.

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Raspberry Pi 2 Kurulumu & İlk Kullanım ve Kablosuz Bağlantı Ayarları

Raspberry Pi 1 için hazırlamaya başladığım ancak devamı gelmeyen bir yazı vardı. Elime +Onur Kasemlar‘ın Raspberry Pi 2’si deneme ve kurulum için geçince, kurulum için kullandığım yöntemi de anlatmaya karar verdim.

Raspberry Pi ile ilk deneyiminiz olacağı varsayımıyla gidersek, şöyle bir kutudan:

Raspberry Pi 2 Kutusu

Şu kartı çıkararak başlayabiliriz: Continue reading Raspberry Pi 2 Kurulumu & İlk Kullanım ve Kablosuz Bağlantı Ayarları

How to Make a Screencast in Ubuntu

In Linux, there may exist a need to prepare a screencast to tell something to somebody or make a screencast for public, etc. To make this, there are several alternatives. I have tried a couple of them and RecordMyDesktop have become my favourite.

To install it, just write in console:

If you have trouble with terminal screens, you can make a search in Software Center and install it, but I hardly suggest that you get accustomed with the console. Most of Linux distribitions I have met have this application in their repos, so you can utilize it without adding repos.

When the application is installed, you can run it from terminal by typing gtk-recordmydesktop or can make a search in menu by typing the same keyword. The application has a graphical user interface which is very easy to deal with. I prefer to make some practices to prevent voice or image problems.

At the end, I want to warn you that there is a problem with recording web surfing. The video is getting confused at the end. I will make some tries to record correctly, afterwards edit this entry.