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[HowTo] Install Kivy and Buildozer on Fedora 22 and Making APK

In a previous post, installing Kivy on Ubuntu 15.04 was issued. Today, there is a main development which is using SDL2 instead of Pygame. You can find why this is significant on Google.

I cannot find Kivy and Buildozer installion document for Fedora 22 and decided to write a recipe for it. So, lets get started. You will find 8 main sections for this topic:

  1. Installing Dependencies
  2. Creating Virtual Environment
  3. Installing Some Required Python Modules
  4. Installing Kivy
  5. Testing Kivy
  6. Installing Dependencies Required to Packaging for Android
  7. Configuring Buildozer
  8. Making APK File

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Kivy Course #10 – User Login System With Kivy

In many applications, a login system is applied. As a result of this, in a Kivy course, we believe that we should teach how to make a basic login system with Kivy. To achieve this, the code in following is written. After the login, the program connects to OpenWeatherMap with its API and gets a data from given coordinates in code. After getting data, it shows the temperature in the logged-in screen. There is also a screen that is shown if the username or password does not match.

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Kivy Course #8 – Multiple Screens in Kivy With ScreenManager

In this part of course, you will find how to make applications for desktop or mobile consisting of two or more different screens. There can be menus, tutorials, question-answer sessions or any other requirements that can be solved with multiple screens. We utilize ScreenManager shipped with kivy for this purpose. Continue reading Kivy Course #8 – Multiple Screens in Kivy With ScreenManager

Kivy Course #6 – Text Input and Input Handling

At the sixth part of the course, we are talking about text input and handling the text in text input box. To make a input chance to the user, TextInput class can be used. Here, a login system is made by making username and password check and afterwards, print the result to the console.

Python file:

Kivy file:

Kivy Course #3 – Grid Layout Example

In this section, layouts are introduced with more details and images of them are shown. Grid layout is one of the most known widgets and the code may be found below.

The main Python file:

And the Kivy Language file which should be named as izgara.kv:


Kivy Course #2 – More Buttons With Kivy Language

At the second part of the course, more buttons are added to root widget and Kivy Language is utilized while adding them. From this part, view section of the codes are seperated in a .kv file. You can find the codes below.

Our main python file:


Name this as uygulama.kv:


Kivy Course #1 – Introduction With a Basic App

At the first code of the Kivy course consists of a button which covers the entire screen and does nothing. You can just click the button and see that it is clicked with interaction. The code is:

Detailed explanation will be added soon.