How to Make a Screencast in Ubuntu

In Linux, there may exist a need to prepare a screencast to tell something to somebody or make a screencast for public, etc. To make this, there are several alternatives. I have tried a couple of them and RecordMyDesktop have become my favourite.

To install it, just write in console:

sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop

If you have trouble with terminal screens, you can make a search in Software Center and install it, but I hardly suggest that you get accustomed with the console. Most of Linux distribitions I have met have this application in their repos, so you can utilize it without adding repos.

When the application is installed, you can run it from terminal by typing gtk-recordmydesktop or can make a search in menu by typing the same keyword. The application has a graphical user interface which is very easy to deal with. I prefer to make some practices to prevent voice or image problems.

At the end, I want to warn you that there is a problem with recording web surfing. The video is getting confused at the end. I will make some tries to record correctly, afterwards edit this entry.

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