Kivy Course #7 – Introduction to Slider: Changing Background

In this example, a code changing background color of application according to slider position is written. In Kivy, color values are changing from 0 to 1 and as a result floating point numbers are used in order to give color value to canvas.

All red, green and blue components are made equal so you will see the versions of grey. The files are listed below. You may also find them in my Github account.

Python file:

And the kivy file:


  • Hesen Melikli

    ders 7de bircok uygulamalara baktim, extend, append, ve s, ben yeniden calisdirdim programi yeniden liste yapdim liste1 = (102, 201, 999, 925) diye ve sonra liste1.append yapiyorum error geliyor, dir(liste1) yazdim en sona yalniz ‘count’, ‘index’ bunlar geliyor, nasil yapa bilirim baska uygulamalarda gelsin, veya neden gelmiyor?